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edgy studio

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Design System

An original graphic identity.

edgy studio is a brand fed by its artistic inspirations which proposes a strong, recognizable and pop graphic identity.

The use of blue Klein, thick sans serif typography, flat colors, patterns and full screen photographs build this graphic style.

Each drop brings its creative touch and its line to evoke the artistic field to which it pays tribute.

E-commerce best practices.

To offer the best digital experience, I took the most common UX structures of e-commerce, with a homepage structure descending to a product page.

The homepage presents the drop with a countdown, describes the concept and proposes to subscribe to the newsletter. The branding, colorful and with a moodboard atmosphere, expresses the energy of the brand.

The product page is built on very large photos, with an immersive format, to highlight the products. The right part is sticky, to allow the user to keep the essential information under the eyes.

Designed around a community.

To build a loyal community, the @edgystudio account takes the branding of the site, bringing a fresh touch with more viral content.

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