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A new way to trade art.

Artrade is an art buying and selling platform that aims to revolutionize the relationship between artists and collectors.

In a market primarily focused on technology, we chose to offer an elegant and social solution for artists.

As Head of Design, my mission was to build Artrade's MVP, design the entire user experience, and revamp the brand's design. I participated in defining and prioritizing the roadmap to bring the most value possible to users.

Understanding the main pain points of artists and collectors.

To better understand the market and user needs, I implemented a user research strategy based on in-depth exploratory interviews with artists and collectors.

Using the "Jobs To Be Done" method, this approach allows me to gather comprehensive information on users' needs, motivations, and frustrations in order to propose tailored and effective solutions.

To complete this research, I conducted a thorough benchmark of our competitors as well as other platforms for creatives, in order to inform our design perspective on how to solve their problems.

Offering an elegant solution.

Based on our research, I created a design that emphasizes immersion and simplicity. To achieve this, I worked on numerous iterations of a journey with the fewest possible steps, a clear hierarchy, and a highly readable user experience (UX).

To ensure that our design meets the needs of our target audience, we conducted user tests with a group of artists and collectors. We asked them to perform tasks such as uploading art pieces, searching for pieces, and making purchases. We then made several adjustments to the design based on their feedback, using a Lean UX approach.

Creating a unique brand and a comprehensive design system.

To address artists and showcase the creativity on the platform, I redesigned the entire Artrade brand.

This new identity is based on the use of a gradient of bright colors, touches of transparency, and a constant emphasis on the artwork in the brand's design language.

This new, elegant and distinctive identity is deployed across all touchpoints between Artrade and users (website, social, product).

Based on this new identity, I have built a complete design system including all necessary components and states for the product MVP.

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